Upchurch Angus


Coleman Abigale 163

Registration Number: 17096000
Date of Birth: January 19, 2011
Sire: D H D Traveler 6807
Dam: Bohi Abigale 6014
Owned With: Upchurch Brothers
Maternal sister to Coleman Charlo!!

Coleman Donna 975

Registration Number: 16359677
Date of Birth: April 14, 2009
Sire: R R Rito 707
Dam: Coleman Donna 386
Owned With: Upchurch Brothers

ZWT Blackcap 1508

Registration Number: 17423967
Date of Birth: November 11, 2011
Sire: Duff Jetset 7122
Dam: O C C Lady Blackcap 753L
Owned With: G3 Cattle Company

Sitz Henrietta Pride 151K

Registration Number: 13605762
Date of Birth: April 3, 2000
Sire: N Bar Emulation EXT
Dam: Sitz Henrietta Pride 501
151K worked at Sitz Angus Ranch until the age of 10 years old. So her progeny records represent ratios that come from large contemporaries.

She is nursing her 14th consecutive calf and maintains a 363 day calving interval. Her production record is flawless with a Weaning ratio on 13 head at 105 and a Yearling Ratio of 13 at 103. Her carcass ratios on the calves she raised at Sitz are IMF 10 at 105 and Ribeye 10 at 105.

Coleman Dixie Erica 8271

Registration Number: 16366770
Date of Birth: August 16, 2008
Sire: N Bar Emulation EXT
Dam: Coleman Dixie Erica 143
Owned With: Ingram Angus

Upchurch Blackcap 805

Registration Number: 18450724
Date of Birth: October 15, 2015
Sire: S A V Hesston 2217
Dam: ZWT Blackcap 1508
Owned with: ZWT Ranch

S A V Abigale 913

Registration Number: 16390998
Date of Birth: January 8, 2009
Sire: S A V Net Worth 4200
Dam: S A V Abigale 8213
Owned With: Gizmo Angus

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